A very nicely made case that has suffered some damage in a crash

£160 delivered to the UK, can post abroad with agreement on postage cost prior to sale.

This was an expensive purchase due to the import duty and customs charge from the US. I would charge more but the case has some damage and a couple of knobs missing. I kept it after selling the V20 with the intention of fitting it on the M5 but never figured it out, so I’m now selling it on.

Full disclosure – the case took a beating when I had a front tyre blow out at 25 MPH and crashed. The case was badly scuffed down one side and there is a crack in the lacquer. The other side has a couple of minor cosmetic scuffs as well. Additionally, I lost 2 of the knurled knobs which tend to pop out if you don’t keep them tight. You’d need to get some new ones, I’ve seen similar looking knobs for sale on line so it’s a cheap and easy replacement. I just rode it as-is as the lid stays on with just one knob, but it’s not ideal.

I wet sanded and polished the case after the crash and took out the worst of the scuffing, but as you can see from the pictures there’s still a couple of deep marks and some scuffing left. You can see a lacquer crack at the midline between the carbon pieces. I’m selling it as-is – it still works perfectly, it just looks a little beat up.

You can use it with the lid on and the case fully enclosed, or with the lid off and 2 exposed bottle holders. It has screw holes for 2 additional bottle holders, one each side. There’s a hole inside for a bladder hose. It also has a small post at the back underneath to mount a light to. A very nice design which fits directly onto the headrest tubes of a Cruzbike.

The bolts that bolt the case to the tubes and the hex bolt that holds the light post in place are not corrosion resistant – they have seen some weather and have rusted. They still work fine but if I was keeping it I would get some replacements that were more weather resistant.

The case will be shipped in the original box and packing material.

The white stuff you see around the lid in the picture below is just bits of fluff caught in the Velcro and not damage!