2 x Schwalbe Marathon GreenGuard 650 x 35A (37-590, 26 x 1 3/8)

£25 for the pair, delivered in the UK, can post abroad with agreement on postage cost prior to sale. Contact me or alternatively buy them on Ebay for a slightly higher price

These were bought by mistake about a year ago. I meant to buy 26 inch MTB sized tyres to turn my wife’s MTB into something a little speedier but didn’t check the sizes carefully enough. They are 650A (590mm rim) sized and will not fit a standard 26 inch rim.

One tyre is brand new with the label still attached. The other has had the label taken off and was put onto a rim at which point I realized it was the wrong size and took it off again (i.e. it is brand new but has had the label taken off and was briefly put on a rim in the house before being taken off again).