In the middle of 2018, I realised that my time with MBB was coming to an end and that I wasn’t going to keep the Cruzbike. At this point I started casting around for an alternative. It was a tough choice, as the V20 is really fast and super aero.

This is my latest steed. I bought it in a hurry in order to have a fast bike that I could actually ride up steep hills in the wet for the Tour o the Borders 2018, and it was a quick learning curve and extensive fettling to get the bike ready for that event. Now that winter is coming I will put the bike back to its original configuration and spend some time getting used to the restrictions of the fixed tiller which were causing me a few handling issues at junctions and low speed climbs.

The bike is at least as fast as the Cruzbike V20 was, but is a lot easier to handle and live with, particularly on steep hills on the way up and high speed descents on the way down. I will post more info soon!

M5 CHR with Nazca lifting tiller stem