This is my hobby site dedicated to my adventures on recumbent bikes and any related activities that I enjoy.

I have a long history on bikes that was curtailed by chronic back and neck problems from a couple of bad accidents as a kid that came back to bite me in my thirties. I raced as a teenager, spent most of my twenties on mountain bikes and did very little in my thirties due to increasing back pain on uprights.


One day I saw this weird looking contraption in Edinburgh (which I now think was a Nazca Fuego) and this piqued my interest in recumbents. I had reached a point in my pain tolerance where either I gave up cycling forever or did something drastic. So I did some research and ended up at Laid Back Bikes in Edinburgh, where I tried out a few bikes and came away with a Nazca Fuego lowracer. I was quickly back up to long days on the bike in complete comfort, no pain, century rides once again possible after a 25 year enforced break. Amazing! The rest is history.


I am also a practicing Kadampa Buddhist and devote as much of my time as I can to working on my mind. I can say quite confidently that without Buddhism, my life would have gone off the rails a long time ago. Meditation is something that everyone can benefit from and if you are interested you can find a centre near you on the Kadampa website.